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I’m new. What can I expect of Episcopal Worship?

Worship in all Episcopal Churches is based on our central document of worship The Book of Common Prayer. The physical setting, music, formality, and other elements of worship can range from traditional to contemporary with varying degrees of formality.  At St. Augustine’s you will find a relaxed setting and casual atmosphere blended with respect for traditions and interpreted scripture. You can view the “Episcopal Service” page under “Worship” on our website for a more detailed description of the Episcopal service. 


What is expected of newcomers and visitors?

You will be greeted at the door with a bulletin, name tag and a welcome gift.  Sit wherever you like! We promise not to make you stand up and introduce yourself, though parishioners are likely to introduce themselves to YOU as we are a friendly bunch.  You are invited to participate in all aspects of the service or just sit, observe, and become acquainted. After the service, we invite you to sign our guest book and stick around for coffee and treats.  Greeters, clergy and other members of the congregation will be happy to welcome and assist you with any questions you may have.


What should I wear?

There is a simple answer - wear what's ever comfortable for you. You will find people in skirts and slacks and shorts and jeans. God is interested in who you are, not what you wear. So come as you are!


How long does the service last?

The 7:45 am and 9:00 services are normally completed in less than one hour. The 10:30 am, Rite II service is a traditional service with music, and generally lasts just over one hour.


What about my children?

We welcome children of all ages as active participants in our worship. During school months, our Sunday School/Christian Formation program offers youngsters Pre-School age thrrough High School an opportunity to have a faith experience of their own and then join their parents for Communion. Childcare is also available for children younger than preschool age, and children are also welcome to stay with you during any service.